Establish your online presence and make sure it is consistent throughout with the same naming convention and imaging. Considering 65% of consumers search online before making that initial contact, this is an essential step in your online marketing strategy. Below are 3 steps to take now so that your customers and clients will take you seriously.

Stop using free email service for your business.

If you’re using a free email address like or for your BUSINESS email, it’s time to get serious. Prospective clients and customers will use the domain extension of your email to find out more about you. Those who notice that you are not investing in a branded domain (your dot com) may wonder how else you are cutting corners.

Secure your domain name.

Think of your domain name as your internet address and could be a .com, .biz, .net or another extension. Purchase a domain name and then add services to it like email, website or single landing page. You’ll want to choose a domain that makes sense for your brand and is easy for your clients to remember. Purchase a domain from a Registrar like GoDaddy for about $10. Most registrars also provide 24/7 tech support to help with it up and maintenance.

Here are some ideas to create your domain name:

  • Business name
  • Signature product name
  • Your actual name
  • Brand name

For example, I secured my actual name, my signature program name and my social media username for brand management. 

Make Sure People Can Find You

Now that you have a domain name and email, you might as well have a website. This website does not need to be a 25-page site filled to the brim with content, images, online forms and secure checkout…yet. You WILL need a website to grow and scale your business. Something is better than nothing or a broken link.

If you’re just getting started or hiring a web developer is not in your budget, think about creating a single landing page with your contact information.

  • Business Name
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Email or contact form
  • Short description or list of services.

Be sure to list your domain name on all your social media channels, in your email signature line, and on your branded images so customers and clients can easily find you. Take a look at the image on this blog post as an example.

You would be surprised at how many business owners are not aware that using their free Yahoo or AOL email may be costing them sales. This is a short list of 3 steps you can take so that clients will take you seriously and is not meant to be all-inclusive. 

>>>If you’re struggling with selecting a domain name, optimizing your website, attracting new clients or getting people to take you seriously as a business owner, request a complimentary consultation.

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