When I first read this quote I thought it really applied to the American life most lead. There is a daytime 9 to 5 or work-from-home life for some or stay-at-home mom/dad life for others. Followed by what’s been called the “second shift” when work time is over and family time takes precedence, which can be equally if not more, demanding. The “second shift” doesn’t necessarily mean the time of day as after 5:00 pm or a 4-11 pm kind of second shift. Rather, it refers to all the other responsibilities we have in our lives other than our job. 

“Most of us have two lives. The life we live, and the unlived life within us.” Steven Pressfield

This quote by Steven Pressfield shines a giant bright light on our OTHER LIFE. The one we wished we could live. The one we are too scared to live. You’re scared. I’m scared. Everyone is. At the time of this writing, Hurricane Irma is barreling down the left coast of Florida towards Tampa. This followed Hurricane Harvey, massive wildfires in the upper northwest and countless unfortunate events throughout the world.

Extraordinary tragedies bring people together from all walks of life. It’s a time that exemplifies our existence as humans together as one. We work together side by side for a common goal. In the lonely moments of self-reflection that follow, we begin to think about the bigger picture.  

Why am I here? 

What am I doing with my life?

Who can I help?

How can I make a bigger impact?

Research around Steven Pressfield’s quote revealed some pretty hilarious outcomes. It seems people either love him or hate him and all the content around procrastination and blame. And yes, the image I chose was a cheeky turn to the writer in the cafe reference. Perhaps it is a nod to an older gentleman reflecting on a life well spent or longing for the one he should have lived.

I’d rather hope for the former. 

Reading the quote caused a moment of change within. You can call it a mindset shift. There are times in our life that define the next phase. Considering all the events happening around us out of control, what are we going to take from it? Are you going to return to the humdrum of daily life? Are you going to take this apocalyptic-like sign from above that it’s time to hit the reset button? It cannot all be for nothing. Too many times I have started on a journey and been so hell-bent on following that path that I was unwilling to shift or pivot for a greater cause. Maybe you’ve experienced this, too. 

I was afraid that changing my current path meant admitting failure. But I don’t think that’s the case at all. Stopping something that isn’t working or adjusting the current path is needed because something bigger is on the horizon. (no pun intended, Florida.) 

This quote reminded me of the life I wasn’t living due to fear of failure. I love what I do as a marketing consultant helping ParentPreneurs® create a work/home/family balance through streamlined marketing solutions and supported Parenting techniques. There is a bigger picture here that I’ve been missing until now. I’ve been so “PC” that I self-censored the content I was putting out because I didn’t want to offend anyone. That doesn’t really seem to jive with being my true authentic self. Does it?

Someone smarter than me said something like – You can’t build a business without first building the entrepreneur. I’ve been so focused on helping business owners with the technical bits of marketing, with the real-world applications of working from home with family obligations that I wasn’t addressing the bigger, deeper meaning behind all of it.

We don’t really need automated systems. We need more time. 

We don’t really need help with parenting advice. We need to be present in the moment as parents. 

We don’t really need more sales and leads. We need to build relationships with one another. 

Let’s live the life we really want. That one hidden deep within us that’s dying to get out. 

This is the best opportunity to get started on that. Someday someone will ask “Where were you during the Hurricane Irma?” and you’ll tell your story followed by the remarkable impact you created for you, your family, your neighbors and others because of this defining moment right here. 

The life within me has all this “stuff” I want to share to help others build businesses, raise happy humans and share their thoughts, art, music, and gifts within. When we concentrate on what’s in front of us, the rest will fall into place. So, for me that starts with one blog post a day, every day, to start the process. What will that be for you? 

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