Corporate Strategy


Skilled in both tactical execution and strategic problem solving, as demonstrated by successful go-to-market campaigns, market gap analysis, and practicing agile methodology, I provide foundational marketing strategy and web analytics optimization to startups, small to mid-sized businesses and large corporations. 

♦ A trusted adviser to high-performing, in-house marketing teams looking for support to make strategic, data-driven decisions to target new revenue-generating products and services.

♦ Created, implemented and managed strategic programs that build stronger relationships with clients, customers and distance teams to drive repeat and referral business.

♦ Proven leadership in business analysis, organizational development, restructuring and profit optimization.

♦ Executive coach and team mentor with expertise in building company culture and identifying mission critical team members who exemplify company vision.

♦ Worked daily with CMO, CFO, CIO, CEO to identify strengths & weaknesses and provide intelligence to coach and enhance individual performance and job satisfaction. 

♦ A highly driven entrepreneur with creative problem-solving skills and the unique ability to develop and execute online marketing strategies.

Business owners and executive staff come to me when looking for a veteran consultant with a unique perspective who can hit the ground running. 

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