Corporate Marketing Consultant




Skilled in both tactical execution and strategic problem solving, as demonstrated by successful go-to-market campaigns, market gap analysis, and practicing agile methodology, I provide foundational marketing strategy and web analytics optimization to startups, small to mid-sized businesses and large corporations. 


♦ A trusted adviser to high-performing, in-house marketing teams looking for support to make strategic, data-driven decisions to target new revenue-generating products and services.

♦ Created, implemented and managed strategic programs that build stronger relationships with clients, customers and distance teams to drive repeat and referral business.

♦ Proven leadership in business analysis, organizational development, restructuring and profit optimization.

♦ Executive coach and team mentor with expertise in building company culture and identifying mission critical team members who exemplify company vision.

♦ Worked daily with CMO, CFO, CIO, CEO to identify strengths & weaknesses and provide intelligence to coach and enhance individual performance and job satisfaction. 

♦ A highly driven entrepreneur with creative problem-solving skills and the unique ability to develop and execute online marketing strategies.

Business owners and executive staff come to me when looking for a veteran consultant with a unique perspective who can hit the ground running. 


The new addition to your team



Marketing consulting services focus on your most critical issues and opportunities: strategy, marketing, organization, operations, technology, advanced analytics, and transformation across various industries. Skilled in deep, functional expertise, and known for a holistic perspective, together we capture value between the silos and across boundaries of any organization. 

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Technology
  • Organization
  • Resource Management
  • Performance Improvement
  • Executive Coaching
  • Company Culture Transformation
  • Unique Customer Experience Campaigns


**Requires monthly retainer due in advance payable quarterly with automatic renewal. Use the form below to request additional information.

Solving your tech stack problems



Some call it “growth hacking.” Having working knowledge of marketing automation, SEO, web analytics, CRO and social media marketing best practices and tools to create and executive an effective marketing strategy from scratch requires a unique skill set. This is usually reserved for ambitious projects when experience and expertise are required to create a focused, “big” picture. 

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Lead Generation
  • CRO (conversion rate optimization)
  • Marketing Technology
  • Social Media Manager, Cross-Platform
  • SEO/SEM Analyst (search engine optimization, search engine marketing)
  • Data analysis
  • Digital Marketing
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Adwords (PPC, pay-per-click)
  • Development Team Manager
  • Business Intelligence
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Storytelling
  • Team Building
  • Public Speaker






Using what you really need to get your message out there


  • Create complicated automated email marketing campaigns
    • sequence
    • tag
    • trigger
    • upsell
    • cross campaign
    • CRM integration
    • tracking
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Email Campaign
  • Lead Generation
  • Segmentation
  • Lead Scoring
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Landing Pages
  • E-commerce
  • Systems & Pricing
  • Mind Mapping
  • Workflow Management


*Ontraport, Act-On, Eloqua




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