Help your business stand out from the crowd with an unbelievable holiday offer your customers cannot refuse. Why wait for Black Friday? Put your offer out now during the PRE-Thanksgiving Thanks sale window!


1. Craft Your Offer

Think WAY outside the box and over deliver like crazy. There is plenty of time to retarget your buying customers for future holiday sales to boost your bottom dollar AND recoup your spend here at the beginning of the holiday buying season.

Your strategy is to provide something that your competitors either don’t have or cannot match. You CAN serve your customer while building a good customer list this holiday buying season. 

Everyone else is going to offer BOGO, Santa, or Sale items. Do something different and shoot for the WOW factor.


2. Show Your Value

Gather your best products or services that show off your value proposition. What do your customers crave that only you provide? Is there a missing piece that you can plug in at this time to really seal the deal? Avoid getting caught up in the holiday hype that will send you down a slippery slope in an attempt to draw “anyone with a pulse.” Keep your ideal client in mind so you can serve at your best. 


3. Batch Your Best

Consider batching your complimentary products to create a custom gift idea at an out-of-this-world price your competitors cannot match and that your customers will love. What do you offer that is normally sold separately or pairs that would sell well bundled together? Creating bundles of varying prices makes it easier for your customer to buy multiples – low, middle, high dollar bundle prices. This isn’t a time to be greedy so crafting a great offer is key.
            Examples: baby moccasins 3 pack themed by season + upsell the next size or twinning pair with mom.


4. Collaborate and Conquer

Partner, even if temporarily, with a business that has a companion product to yours so you can together dominate the market. Teaming up can increase your exposure and lay the ground for all parties to tap into a new customer base for the next offer.
            Example: Oils, candles, lotion + monogrammed something in a custom gift basket or wrapping.


5. Tug At Heart Strings

Go all out and let your customers know how much you want to create a memorable holiday for them, their family and friends. They will need food, clothes, and lodging that you can provide or make incredibly easy to obtain. Consider a done-for-you VIP solution to show your gratitude.


6. Hack What Works

Gain inspiration from….or hack…what the big competitors are doing – with a twist! Consider using a different holiday color palette, price points or bundles. Remember, you want to stand out! Make sure to stay consistent across all channels – offline and online.


7. Make It Easy

Insert Buy Now buttons in your email copy for a simple one-click solution.

Create an easy 3-page sales funnel to show only your holiday offer that will not distract your customer with too many choices.

Get a FREE Done-For-You Holiday Sales Funnel from me complete with automation already programmed. CLICK HERE to get yours now.


Bonus: 8. Make it Memorable

Take this opportunity to thank your customer for purchasing early from you by including a special note or personalized follow-up email. Be sure to follow-up during Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday to see if you can help make their holiday shopping easier!

Go forth and share lots of holiday cheer


Originally posted on www.kellyo.com/create-an-unbelievable-holiday-offer-2018. Get help crafting your unbelievable Last Minute holiday offer here. 



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