It has been years since I have been able to see with such clarity that I can see individual blades of grass in the yard. I saw a plane in the sky and saw the individual logo colors.

The sky was a crisp clear blue with fluffy white clouds that I swear had a silver lining!

I walked out of the eye doctor’s office in tears. It’s true. I cried like a baby seeing all these vibrant colors for the first time in years. It was such a pleasure to share this moment with my mother who had driven me that day.

On the way home anxiously awaiting to clearly see my daughter’s face and those cute little freckles, my entire entrepreneurial journey became much clearer. (pun intended)

My Entrepreneurial Journey


The last 17 years as a business owner has allowed me to shape my office hours .productivity schedule and workspace around my vision issues.

For some, new contacts or glasses are just another part of their regular yearly visit to the eye doctor but for those of us with severe corneal disease, it is the difference between having what the doctors call “workable vision” and being a productive member of the workforce.

Like other work-at-home parents, I have multiple screens – although my screens are larger with magnifiers and additional lights.

The corneal disease I have, keratoconus, is not a recognized disability in the US because I have correctable vision. Meaning, large scleral contacts provide near perfect vision. This has allowed me to continue driving yet prevented me, and others like me, from being eligible for workplace enhancements.

So, I created my own work environment. My own workplace utopia.

What if I had not laid the foundation years ago to create my own income streams?

What if i didn’t have the revenue to hire the people I needed to help me successfully complete client work?

My vision has just been fuzzy and dull for years. Have you ever looked through binoculars or a microscope when it’s slightly out of focus? Imagine walking around like that.

Build Your Dream


I’m concerned that others with great potential are living to simply “get by” in a cloudy haze working in a system that doesn’t have their best interests at heart.

“If you don’t build your dream, someone will hire you to build theirs.” I don’t know who said this but it has fueled my journey to date.

What will it take for you to step into your zone of genius and fulfill your passion?

Are you willing to wait for some adversity, some major health crisis to find out?

Moments of clarity, like the one I had seen around me for the first time, once again – blades of grass, big puffy white clouds and tiny freckles on my daughter’s face, demand that we take a step back to re-evaluate our lives.

What are we doing? What are we meant to do? What do we have to offer that can help others?

If you have a desire to do something bigger in your life but don’t know what to do first, I encourage you to take the next step. 

I can tell you, the entrepreneurial journey is worth it…and the view from here is pretty damn good!

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