It’s more than simply trying to avoid “shiny object syndrome” when you’re building or scaling your business. 

I see it with other consultants and coaches who enable this never-ending content creation strategy as a way to keep clients on the hook, so to speak. It’s not just in the private startup space. It’s also in the corporate consulting.

There is always something to do. Something new to learn. Something shiny.

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This is completely true – we do need to be on our game by learning the most up-to-date strategies. In an instant, a competitor can start and scale quickly then poach your profits faster than you can finish that 5-day online social media challenge.

How do you stay relevant in such a fast-paced industry?

Become the go-to-person, the expert, who solves that one problem for your customer. Scratch the itch, so to say. This is the best advice if you already know your target market, your niche and how you can best serve them. If you’re someone who doesn’t have a product – physical or digital – you’re still at the spinning your wheels stage and no wonder you’re distracted by doing anything and everything to get a client.

If that’s you, pause this podcast and sit in that space, visit these blog pages for general marketing strategy, I’ll link it in the show notes below so you can get the help you need….then come back here for next steps.

That’s a whole other fish to fry as we say here in the midwest.

Now, for those who have a developed product, looking to stay relevant or looking to scale your existing business, here are 3 steps to focus on to avoid ACTION DISTRACTION.


3 Steps To Avoid Action Distraction

Get your foundation in order.

This is also your online strategy as it deals with how you are presenting yourself or your company to the world. Whether that’s a sales funnel and an email drip and nurture campaign, paid ad to a landing page and purchase page or information website for you to close via phone or in person.

This foundation has to be set. What’s your customer’s journey? Is it broken? Are they falling off? The greatest product in the world doesn’t matter if you cannot SERVE the customer, deliver the goods. These are my favorite online tools to get that done. This also comes in handy at the last step.


Set your core offer/product.

Of course, I’m assuming you already completed your market research, tested and perhaps have several iterations of your core offer – value ladder.

You’ve got to get that down…get it out of your head and into an organized format you can share. 

If you are still working on this again, stop what you’re doing and fix it. This is how and why you are distracted by the constant DOING of things instead of serving your customer. Don’t get distracted. Get help here.


Build your audience

I’m still working on this myself. Everyone is. It’s a constantly evolving, fine tweaking, answering questions and serving. Whatever your strategy, make sure you don’t have all your eggs in one basket.

Do not rely only on Facebook group – what if it’s shut down or you lose access?

Serve across multiple platforms – if you built your entire highly complex digital marketing email campaign using platform X then suddenly their server goes down or they get bought out and you never backed up your data. ohhh…I can’t even go into that nightmare from here – the data scientist in me is triggered!

Let’s Recap 3 Steps to avoid Action Distraction:

  1. Get your foundation in order
  2. Set your core offer
  3. Build your audience

Seems quick yet it is a lot of work.

“You know who you are, what you can do for people…what problem you’re solving.”

When you have these things in place you can participate in the fun, trendy stuff. You can make shifts, changes according to the market, your target market.


You can easily run that holiday campaign, participate in the 21-day challenge, create and host a mastermind or large event. WHY? Because your foundation is in order, your core offer is set and your ever-growing audience is ready to accept what you have to say or do.

That’s where the fun starts – the creativity begins about what you can do that’s bigger and better than everywhere else.

You know who you are, what you can do for people…what problem you’re solving.

Sitting at the cool kids’ table doesn’t mean much if you’re business isn’t growing OR you’re building the cool kids’ business because you’re distracted.



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