People ask me all the time, “how do you stay focused and avoid shiny object syndrome.”

Well, I don’t. Let’s be honest here. 

I manage it. Some times better than other times. Right now I’m writing this while sitting in front of my office window with too much going on outside, munching on a bowl of popcorn while waiting for game 4 of the World Series to start on the screen in front of me. However, I’ve been managing shiny objects for about 19 years.

Here is what I do to avoid distraction so that I can get work done while working from home…



I’m not going to preach to you about time management. You can read more about that on these pages. 

Deadlines and time frames (or blocks) are the best way to stay motivated. If I have to finish mapping out a sales funnel before my 11:00 am client meeting, you won’t catch me in bed watching Netflix on my phone until 10:40 am. 

Work in the early, early morning or really late night hours when everyone else is asleep and there is no chance a client will call. WORK AT THE TIME OF DAY THAT’S BEST FOR YOU. Again, not preaching.

Do what ya gotta do! 



Speaking of which….Go to the settings on your phone and turn off ALL THE NOTIFICATIONS. Pretend you’re at a regular job where your boss won’t let you have your phone out. You are the boss in this case and will not allow yourself to have it near you. “Self, put the phone away.”

Place it face down on the other side of the room so that the only time you have to pick it up is when a client calls…or your kids. Use those special ringtones to let you know who you can ignore. 



It doesn’t matter if you have two hours or 10…not knowing your priorities or what to do next, you’re sunk anyway. 

Avoid distraction by knowing what you need to get done every day. I don’t play games on my computer…or my phone…I don’t sit at my desk any longer than I have to. Because sitting at my desk = working. Aren’t we all trying to streamline our lives and businesses so we don’t have to work so much? Why would you waste time willy-nilly to prolong this process? nope…no time management preaching.


GAMIFY ITtips for parentpreneurs

If you’re like most entrepreneurs/business owners, you are constantly trying to hack your whole life. Biohack, LifeHack, Funnel Hack. Continuously optimizing your daily workouts. DO MORE TODAY than you did yesterday.

Take that strategy and apply it to your business task list. Can you build a funnel faster today than you did yesterday? Can you whip this set of emails out faster than yesterday? Is it possible to be better at ________ than yesterday? 

Oh! And build in a nice reward, too. That’s part of the game. 



If you need to get something done, tell your kids. They will be all over your progress
like the last night before a science fair.



My very BEST TIP…and a sure fire way for you to avoid distraction and get your -ISH done is to tell someone else what you have to do.  

accountability for parentpreneurs

We place self-imposed deadlines on our own tasks and no one will notice that you didn’t write that copy, didn’t create that email automation sequence, didn’t send those products out…at least not at first. Whether you have a business coach/mentor, partner, colleague, or someone in an online forum, being accountable does wonders for your productivity.

And if you have kids, tell THEM! They will be all over that like the last night before a science fair by keeping tabs on your progress. Relentless little ankle biters. “Mom, are you done yet. Hey Mom.”

All bucks stop with you so you either DO IT….or you don’t. 


Mapping out this strategy for you and your business is my happy place. My zone of genius.

Wouldn’t it be nice NOT to feel stuck?
Can you imagine having a plan in place to avoid overwhelm?
Wouldn’t you like to stop wasting time and money?

Then it’s time to join my Marketing & Business program. 

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