About Kelly

ParentPreneur® Life


After 18+ years as a business owner, I am uniquely qualified to work with women transitioning from executive to entrepreneur. The business development strategies, productivity tips and ParentPreneur® success rituals I teach were not learned second hand in an afternoon workshop. They were not learned in someone else’s certification program.

These are hands-on, battle-tested techniques through many years of constant learning, A/B testing and a fearless pursuit of what’s new and next. Years of attending live events, reading, diving deep into new SEO/SEM/SMM platforms, website data analysis, Google Adwords and online marketing to learn how it ticks for the benefit of my clients and customers. This happened through actual application and development in real-time with paying clients who have experienced phenomenal growth in their business. (Testimonials)

Visit my corporate marketing page to learn more about overall projects or check out my LinkedIn page for some of the long-term projects. To learn more about this ParentPreneur journey developed, read on.