Do you have the guts to inspire?

When you begin your entrepreneurial journey, it has to be for a reason bigger than yourself. Bigger than just paying the bills. Bills are temporary nuisances.

When things get rough, when a client pays late, or not at all, when cash runs out, there has to be something so big that you just can’t let it go.

The force to move on must tug at you with such gravitational pull that it carries you through the late nights, late bills and late pizza delivery.


What’s your why?

I hear that so often yet I usually give some superficial reason like – paying the bills, sending my college kid money or buying my teenager new boots.

It’s way bigger than that.

It’s way bigger than me.

You see, I’m the result of a legacy. Maybe not the kind you’re thinking.


When everyone knows your name.

Most parents want their kids to have it easier than they did growing up. We all want our kids to have a good education, good connections, and great opportunities.

Growing up I had some of the same teachers in elementary and junior high as my dad who attending the same parochial, small-town school. Take that in for a moment…

Heck, some of those teachers also had my aunts, uncles, and most of my cousins in their class. I was the last O’Neill to grace their hallways.

There was comfort in that history. There was also an unspoken obligation.

Now, my daughters attend my alma mater. My oldest told me stories of how Mr. Rockey, my favorite high school algebra teacher, called her by my name at first glance.

There is a legacy present. Maybe not the kind you’re thinking.


I have a vision.

Beyond the fond memories of drinking from the water hose, riding my bike farther than I should, or being out until after the street lights came on, there was an underlying dream – a tug that was reinforced by how I grew up.

Seeing other members of my family generate success on their own terms stamped a lasting impression on me that continues to this day.

I could envision the possibilities of a life beyond the 9-to-5 because of their example.

This is the environment set for my own two daughters and shared at each O’Neill family reunion always around St. Patrick’s Day.

A legacy in the making.


“Whatever you do, own it.”

That’s not just a tagline but a quote from my grandfather, Terrence O’Neill, a second generation Irish American who also happened to be a business owner.

There are now six generations of O’Neills who have owned businesses. Through this series, I’ll introduce you to some of the key players.

I believe in the idea that small business ownership is the backbone of America because I lived it. I grew up confident it was going to be the same way for me. Whatever I was going to do, I was going to own it.  

I’m a the result of a legacy born from strong faith and ideals.

Building my business isn’t just about the “right now.” It’s about planting seeds for tomorrow. Living up to the family name. Teaching my children they have a stake in their own future. Helping other O’Neills…other parents…build a legacy.

We may build empires during naptime, negotiate deals in route to Taekwondo class or miss sleep to write a blog post at 3:30 am.

We are also an example to our kids. Those little eyes are watching.


We owe it to those who went before us to carry on.

When things get rough, what lasting impression will you leave on your children?

That you failed and gave up?

That the long line of family business owners fractured when it came to your turn?

No way. I own my legacy and have a deep calling to show other women how they can start today to build a long-lasting, sustainable business and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Legacy was known to be something to which you were entitled. Today, a legacy leans more toward the idea of building a future, a reputation, a brand that lives on longer than our physical lives. 

If you’re ready to develop the mindset and business skills needed to build your legacy business, to inspire your children and to create your own economic future, enroll in my ParentPreneur 360 program. Visit www.ParentPreneur360.com for more information.



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