Why do I get SO EXCITED about the Summer Solstice….and what does that have to do with Marketing?

There are days on our calendars that we look forward to – birthdays, Christmas, vacations – that force us to stop and take a moment to appreciate what we have and be thankful for the people in our lives, the time that we have.

We make new resolutions on New Years…and maybe again June 1 (lol) … we make new goals in the fall when school starts. Do you do this, too?

But Summer. Ahh, summer. Each day gets longer and longer until the Summer Solstice gives us 14 hours 59 minutes of sun. Sunrise 6:15am, Sunset 9:15pm in Indiana. I checked.

ALL EFFORTS LEAD TO SUMMER…Ask my kids – I plan for this. Much like you plan to get up to watch the sunrise during your Oceanside vacation. I plan an entire day outside to soak up as much sun as I can wherever I happen to be.

Do you declare each year THIS IS GOING TO BE THE BEST SUMMER YET?  The kids are out of school. Each day gets longer and longer. There is that vacation you’re looking forward to soon. Assuming your boss let you off work.

Why do I plan for the Summer Solstice? MOST IMPORTANTLY, every day after this we lose 1-2 minutes of sunlight.

Chew on that for a moment. This may officially be the beginning of summer but every day after this, we have less sun than the day before.

Oh, Snap!

Where did summer break go? If you think about it, each day we’re losing the very thing we have just worked so hard to access.


Every year I make it a point to enjoy this summer solstice. Yet, so many are wasting away inside an office working tirelessly because they don’t have time.

No time.
No money.
No fun.

That’s why I work with clients who want to build a business for a life they want to live! I work with business owners looking to increase revenue, streamline marketing processes and focus on realistic goals.

I want other business owners to be out there with us having fun with their kids, too! 

Executing a successful marketing strategy will help you achieve your business goals and give you the time & money to do what YOU want to do.

— Are you tired of haphazardly trying to get customers or clients?
— Are you in an endless cycle of selling with little result?
— Are you missing out another summer?

I’ve put together a FREE online training called


to get you on a strategic path to build your business so you can enjoy summer. Are you in?

Join by visiting www.SummerSurvivalWorkshop.com  !

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Kelly O'Neill
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