Hey, it’s Kelly. Have you ever felt like you were on the edge of a cliff looking out into the abyss wondering what’s next?

We’re going to talk about that in today’s podcast. [intro music]

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Hey, It’s Kelly O’Neill and you’re listening to KellyO Says, a podcast for parent entrepreneurs, parentpreneurs, building businesses and raising great humans.

Ya know, it’s so weird that this is episode 19. I can’t believe that I’ve actually done this multiple days in a row. It’s kind of crazy. Ya know, we usually get into these challenges…I did 30 days of Facebook lives once…Hated it, by the way,

I know we need to do it. I know we need to market on Facebook but ya know, we are talking about things that are “our jam,” things that are in our lane. THAT is not it for me.

THIS [podcasting] is totally my thing – just grabbing the phone and talking.

If I could only tell my 5th-grade teacher, Mrs. Campbell from St. Mary’s Catholic school, that I was talking for a living. I think she would think it was hilarious.


I Wish I Could Go Back And Tell Her…

She used to call me Chatty Cathy, which made me angry. First of all, because my name isn’t Cathy. And secondly, it was kind of derogatory.

It was a doll. There was this doll way back… even before I was born…you know, this was, like, before me, so I felt like she was referencing something that was totally out…way before me.

This was a doll that had a long string attached to it. This was way before electronic toys was a thing. You would pull a string and it would talk. Every time you pull the string it was a different little saying. I saw pictures of the doll years later.

I just had this picture [in my mind] of this terrible little 3-foot tall doll. Every time you pull the string, she would talk. So, every time I would talk in class, the teacher would say, “Chatty Cathy, be quiet.” [inaudible groan]

It was a kind of dig. Ya know what I’m saying?

I wish I could go back and tell her – if she could see me now! She totally called it, I’m sure of it. My dad used to say back then, “what if she is going to talk for a living? What if she is going to be a speaker? You never know.” Well, here ya go. The Internet does weird things. What a strange time to be alive.


Perfect Timing

It’s an interesting time in our lives when we’re on the cusp of something. Just like the podcast, and YouTube and social media. We have everything at our disposal but we’re still sort of reluctant. Hesitant. Second-guessing ourselves.

I’m recording this in November 2018. Everyone seems to be sharing the same energy. I want to talk about it today.

I feel like we’re all sort of on a cliff, you know? There is this saying that you can…

  • Jump in with two feet or
  • Jumped in the deep end or 
  • Up a creek without a paddle

I always love that kind of stuff. I either go all in…or I don’t. Sometimes we go all in and it pans out. Sometimes it doesn’t. You know that sort of repeated trial thing?

I’m one of those people that you get up, fall.
Get up. Fail.
Get up. Fall. Fall.

I like that energy that is always in that constant trial. Not everything I have done has worked out great.

Some things have worked out really, really well. I like that sort of stirring the pot.

  • What can I do next?
  • What can I do better?
  • What didn’t work?

I feel like we are all, right now, on the edge of a cliff. Some are a little nervous about the height and how far down that is. It looks really, really scary. Some are looking into the horizon for new beginnings.

I feel like it’s a time to kind of take flight.


On The Edge

I just have this vision in my mind… of where I am in my business in my personal life…it just feels like…I’m even standing on this carpet like I’m getting ready to jump off!

It’s kind of exciting. It’s like – what is going to be next?

Right now – I started this new podcast. I started recording and releasing videos, which I never have before…To just put it out there.

People would say, “Oh, you should just need to tell your story.” Or “Oh, I never knew this about you.”

Because I have been working for 19 years in the safety of my home office. In my little cocoon. I felt like I was reaching out but not fully. And now, I feel like…and maybe you do too…Of course, if you’re listening, you’re most likely building your business. You’re most likely a ParentPreneur.

And you’re kind of at that same place with your toes on the edge. Maybe you’re also barefoot, like me. I don’t ever wear shoes unless I have to.

I live in a cold climate right now. I hate putting shoes on. I hate putting closed-toed shoes on. I don’t know why. Even when I was little, I loved going barefoot.


Edge Of Abundance

In my mind – I’m standing on the edge of this cliff. I love the Thelma and Louise [movie] moment. Minus the, ya know, illegal parts of that movie. Imaging that same cliff. I’m on that cliff where my toes are at the very edge. I feel the dirt under my feet.

I don’t really feel a fear of falling. It’s more of an excitement of flying. That is entrepreneurship for me. Business ownership to me. I don’t feel like I’m in the depths of despair or getting ready to fall into a valley.

parentpreneur kellyo.com kellyosays

I guess it is a little bit of – I have a strong Faith. A strong faith of that it’s just going to work. I have faith in my abilities. Learning. We are always learning. There are tons of things I don’t know. I love that part, too. We have to as business owners, be able to recognize the intuition inside ourselves. And faith that what we put into something is going to be fruitful on the other side.

There is a lot of trial and error in there.

Our toes curled around the edge of the cliff…the end of the diving board. Right?

Instead of jumping off into unknown depths…the black abyss…I really think a better visual – a better comparison – is that we are jumping up into something. Flying off. And it’s going to be great!

We’re on the edge of something that is getting ready.

It’s the EDGE OF ABUNDANCE, I suppose, to be corny and crazy. That’s really how I feel about it. Not to be afraid of it.

I’m wondering if you are feeling the same thing. I’d love to hear. Catch you on the next episode.



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