Everyone wants to know the secret sauce to attracting new leads and retaining current clients. It’s pretty simple really. I know this because I’ve been on both sides as the customer and marketer. And so have you. 

Make a Follow-Up Plan

Have you ever purchased a product or service only to have it fall short? Whether it didn’t live up to your expectation or you had to chase the merchant to get what you paid for, the fulfillment failed? I hate that. I’ve purchased services only to be left on my own to follow-up afterward. I purchased based on the desired outcome that should be been easy for me yet there was no fulfillment sequence of steps to follow. On either end.

When your clients or customers buy from you, do you have a plan in place to complete their order? It doesn’t have to be an actual product delivered to their house for this to be effective. If you’re selling a digital product or consultation service, are you delivering completely? Do you have an automated email sequence to deliver the information seamlessly to their inbox? Place yourself in your customer’s shoes and look to answer these questions.

  • Does your client have to chase you down to complete the order or service?
  • Has too much time gone by since the purchase and they forgot from you? 
  • Did your customer give up on you due to poor fulfillment?

You’re missing out on a great opportunity to over deliver and exceed their expectations. That’s a lead lost and a potentially bad review just waiting to happen. Make sure you have the entire sequence from pitch – to purchase – to delivery buttoned up before someone spends their hard-earned money on you. If not, it will be the last time they do. 

The Follow-Through

Have you purchased a product or service that you LOVE but never heard from that merchant again? Now place yourself in their shoes. Wouldn’t it great to know someone loved your stuff? 

This is where the sales funnel comes full circle. I call it the 360 through in my ParentPreneur 360 program and is truly part of the secret sauce because most people aren’t doing it! Many sales and marketers online are only looking for the sale; they aren’t looking to continually SERVE their customers/clients. 

  • How did they like your product/service?
  • Did they find it helpful?
  • Would they refer their friends and family?
  • How could you improve?
  • Most importantly, what is the next problem YOU can solve for them? 

Getting to know your customer/client and learning how you can continually help them solve their pain points will keep them coming back over to you and over again. Fulfillment and following-up on the purchase are crucial to the success of your product/service. Following through is what separates you from everyone else. 

Do you have a plan in place for serving your customers? Are you looking for the exact steps you need to take to get more online sales? Are you struggling with how to build your business with family and parenting obligations?  The cart for my new program will open Spring 2018. Get on the list now for special Early Bird Pricing – visit www.ParentPreneur360.com 


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Kelly O’Neill is a digital marketing and IT consultant with over 25 years of experience working on remote projects. She is well-grounded in SEO, media buying, project management, and network security. Kelly shares her knowledge through consulting and blogging.

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