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When you work from home, every day is bring your kid to work day!

Working from home has some glorious benefits like…

* No commute
* Not getting dressed
* Working in your pajamas
* Flexibility
* Saving money on childcare
* Being available for your children

Sometimes it can get overwhelming, right?  Don’t worry WonderMom or Dad, I’ve got your back with a few insider tips for what to do with your kids when you work from home..


BUSY BOX – My most precious pro tip. My kids STILL talk about this. Make a box of items that can only come out when you’re working. I used the “good” crayons – ya know, the newest set all nice and barely used. (My kids love new crayons for some reason.) Add those little boxes of cards – Old Maid, Go Fish, Slap Jack – that can be easily scattered and easily cleaned up. Pick anything that IS NOT messy. This is about making life easier on YOU. 

Build a cool fort and bring out the fun snacks. Grab some books or an audio book.

For your older ones, have your little helper create a “Do Not Disturb” sign for your office door as a reminder when you’re on the phone or working on a project.  Their favorite app or TV show can buy you that last few minutes to finish up a project. 


This was the hardest time in my house. They are old enough to want their independence yet we still have to drive them wherever they want to go. Communication is key.  Use a dry erase strip or board to write the day’s schedule on your office door. Let them know what to expect. 


When they are aware of your usual schedule, they will know what their boundaries are for when to ask if friends can come over. 

Sync your online calendar to their phones to show when you’re “busy.” Allow them their chill time when you’re working. They’ll love it. 


Your mommyhood isn’t someone else’s and people need to just mind their own mommyhood. We are talking about what works for YOU and YOUR household. YOUR kids.   

Having control of your time and knowing when you’re at your best, really helps no matter what your child’s age. Join the ParentPreneur® Newsletter to receive your FREE TIME TRACKING WORKSHEET to find your optimal work time.

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