Work With Me

Work With Me

Why waste another minute trying to figure it out yourself when you could tap into my 18+ years of experience to take back your time, increase your revenue and a create a strategic plan for your business?

Skilled in both tactical execution and strategic problem solving, as demonstrated by successful go-to-market campaigns, market gap analysis, I provide foundational marketing strategy, branding insights to startups, small to mid-sized businesses and large corporations as well as new online entrepreneurs. 


Direct, one-on-one focus on the development, implementation, and management of business growth through the optimization of processes, systems, and technology development & integration.


My unique framework guides you through developing a business and home blend that works for your family dynamic.

Combining skillful work-from-home parenting with project management, marketing technology, and data analysis, the ParentPreneur 360 program walks you through identifying Problems, setting Priorities and implementing straightforward Processes for a complete go-to-market strategy with clearly defined customer follow-up.

Whether you’re a veteran marketer or a new online entrepreneur, the ParentPreneur 360 program is based on transparency and trust that you have an experienced entrepreneur and parent by your side.

Strategy – Coaching – Parenting. The only online marketing platform created for who you truly are – A PARENTPRENEUR.


VIP Intensive


Are you ready to take fast action?


Congratulations on making a decision to move forward in your business! I only take up to 10 VIP, personal one-on-one clients at a time. This is reserved for serious entrepreneurs who understand the work involved in this deep-dive, laser-focused marketing strategy intensive. We build your business end-to-end in a dedicated, intensive timeframe.

Your message. My method.

Meaning, we work directly with each other to get you up and running quickly.

Why is the VIP Intensive my most popular option? Clients who work with me get a no-nonsense, pragmatic yet supportive partner who is not only a marketing consultant but also understands the demands of having a home-based office with family obligations. You get the best of both worlds – a coach and a strategist – with a realistic view of life as a ParentPreneur.

This isn’t a cookie cutter program. You learn from my expertise and experience to build and maintain your legacy business. Are you ready to cut the learning curve and get started?

If you’re a Fast Action taker, make the best decision for your business.  Apply now!